Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetics / Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Problem :

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Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Diabetic foot ulcer is a major complication of diabetes mellitus.

Ulcers form due to a combination of factors, such as lack of feeling in the foot, poor circulation, foot deformities, irritation (such as friction or pressure), and trauma, as well as the duration of diabetes. Your podiatrist can test feet for neuropathy with a simple, painless tool.

In people who have good circulation and good medical care, an ulcer sometimes can heal in as few as three to six weeks. Deeper ulcers may take 12 to 20 weeks.

A diabetic foot is a foot that exhibits any pathology that results directly from diabetes mellitus or any long-term or chronic complication of diabetes mellitus. Due to the peripheral nerve dysfunction associated with diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), patients have a reduced ability to feel pain.

In many European countries, Insoles are prescribed by doctors to patients detected with diabetes at an early stage itself to improve blood flow to the lower limbs, avoid onset of neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease, prevention of ulcers etc. It is advisable for patients with diabetes to prevent injury to the foot, avoid constricting socks and walk regularly for proper blood flow and stimulation of the pancreas.

FootPro Insoles help to offload the pressure from the area of the wound and help in proper circulation through pump effect. Our insoles also provides the necessary arch support for the weak arches in diabetic patients. The patient is advised to walk regularly using our customized insoles to aid in circulation. Our footwear is made with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal lining to prevent infections. Also, our footwear is designed to have no sharp corners to prevent rubbing and subsequent bruises or injury.

Why Not MCR
Cheaply available MCR ( Micro Cellular Rubber) footwear is not recommended for people with Diabetic Ulcer due to the presence of Micro Carbon Fibers which interferes with the wound and prevents healing. Also, it gets compressed easily in 2-3 month’s time, without providing the necessary pump effect ,thereby providing inadequate blood circulation.

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