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CIN –U19200KL2013PTC033595

Date of Incorporation – 22.03.2013

FootPro is a unique concept in the field of Foot care and is founded by professionals who have expertise in the Healthcare industry.

At FootPro, customers can feel the difference of German standards at an affordable price. We combine experience, know-how , innovative products and technologies with ultimate customer service. Whether it is Diabetic, Orthopedic or Sports related areas, we are your partner for professional foot orthotics. FootPro specializes in the manufacture of precision custom made Foot Orthotics. Foot Orthotics are devices that fit inside your shoes to help stabilize and correct poor foot posture.

What we do

Every Individual is unique and every persons’ foot differs from person to person. Even for the same individual , the left and right foot may vary drastically.

Footwear that is generally available in the market is mass produced on an assembly line and does not cater to the individual’s needs. Since the entire body weight of an individual is coming on to a small area, the foot performs a very important function in the mobility of a person. The weight of the body should be evenly distributed over the entire bottom area of the foot (Plantar Surface).

The human feet is naturally designed with an arch to take the onslaught of the body weight upon impact by offering some cushioning. In some persons, the arch is under formed or is high. In these cases , the weight of the body is not properly distributed and the muscles and ligaments may experience intense pain due to the shear forces coming into play.

FootPro offers customized Insoles by Scanning of the Individuals’ feet. Our Insoles are made with utmost precision and care. They work by distributing the weight of the body over the entire surface of the feet, thereby offloading the weight from any particular point in the feet. As a result, there is pain relief.

We also offer the right arch support in case of flat feet or low arch , so that the person has a comfortable distribution of body weight . We provide optimal arch for people with high arch also.

Proper usage of Insoles with arch support can help children at an early age with flat foot to overcome the problem and subsequent formation of an arch. In grown-ups or adults, only maintenance is possible with pain relief and may need lifelong support.

Where there is ulcer, corn , calluses or pain , we provide relief by scooping our insoles, thereby taking the loading off that area, bringing in instant relief. Our products give immediate results upon wearing and the change is noticeable immediately.

Our Insoles are resilient and offer Pump effect ( Bounce effect), achieving proper blood circulation in the lower limbs. Proper blood flow helps to avoid calcification and gangrene and thereby reduces the chances of amputation in diabetics.

Our Insoles also act an effective Preventive mechanism against the onset of Neuropathy in Diabetics where there is full / partial loss of sensation in the foot.

Our Footwear and Insoles also act as a preventive method to avoid further complications in future. Even in health conscious individuals , our insoles offer the best support with proper cushioning , providing the best in comfort for your legs and foot. It is also seen that regular usage improves the overall vitality and energy of people.

With Improved mobility and pain relief, the person feels charged up and enthusiastic to take on the world!

Hari G Nair

Hari G Nair


23+ years of experience in different functional areas like Maintenance, Production, R&D, Import & Export, Purchase and Business Development.

  • Chartered Engineer (AMIE, C Eng (I))
  • B.Tech In Mechanical Engineering (CET)
Manfred Klaus

Manfred Klaus


Specialist in Orthopaedic, Diabetic, Sport and Prevention Footcare, Trainer for Paromed Technology, Germany and FootPro India

  • Qualification and Responsibility
  • Management College St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Intercultural Management
  • Quality Management and Auditor
  • “Train the Trainer” Diploma
  • International Marketing and Sales
  • Leadership Psychology
  • Pain Management and Rehabilitation
Markus Maurer

Markus Maurer


Specialist in Postural Orthesiology (Body structure treatment)
Senior Supervisor for orthopaedic and diabetic Foot care.

  • Qualification and Responsibility
  • Study in orthopaedic technic
  • Master in orthopaedic and diabetic technic
  • MD and owner of a leading footcare centre in Munich/Germany
  • Specialist in movement analysis
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