5 out of 5
I'm Mary George and I run a Branding and Advertising Agency known as UPM Advertising. When I visited FootPro center for the first time, I was very impressed by how well trained his team was. They were so precise in their handling of the Foot Scan and the analysis of my feet and toes. I ordered a pair of Footpro Insoles and sandals customised for my feet. While I did listen to staff explaining the virtues of FootPro footwear, I did not quite believe everything. However, in the past 8 months that I have been using the FootPro sandals, I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised and immensely satisfied. The day I know I have a lot of walking or standing to do, I ensure that I wear the FootPro Sandals from the moment I wake up. And by evening, even if I'm bone weary and exhausted, my feet just do not hurt at all....all thanks to my FootPro footwear. A friend of mine has a daughter who has flat feet and she was planning to take her to Singapore to get it corrected. Instead, I directed her to FootPro and her daughter is now wearing corrective footwear. For simple, precise and effective solutions to all feet related issues, I will confidently recommend FootPro Footwear.
Mary George
UPM Advertising
5 out of 5
Dear FootPro, I am very happy with these shoes! I want to help promote Footpro because I feel it is a very valuable service and product. I feel a better theme would be: Happy feet and better health. Because the benefits are so much more than the feet. They help the whole body. Gratefully, Ms. Premarupa Kenna del Sol
Ms. Premarupa Kenna del Sol
5 out of 5
As I used to walk a lot for my business I went to FootPro to help reduce the strain for my foot with their insole, now I feel well balanced support for my foot as I walk and this is helping me daily, thank you FootPro team in providing right advises and giving right products.
Vishnu Majnu
Heritage Arts
5 out of 5
I'm Rajesh Gopinathan and I'm into event management services. I had sought FootPro services for my Father. My father had Heel Spurse and was suffering from severe pain and he was unable to go for his morning walks. FootPro team scanned his feet and custom made insoles and sandals for his personal use. He is now completely relieved from pain and also this has helped keep his diabetes under control. I will strongly recommend FootPro  to my contact sphere with confidence. It was a great opportunity to interact with FootPro team. FootPro has a totally dedicated and professional team. Keep up this great job FootPro team.
Rajesh G
Ergo Consulting Services India Pvt. Ltd.
5 out of 5
My Name is Abhishek Menacherry , Managing Partner, Sleep America, are into retail and wholesale of mattresses and bed linens. I have used shoe soles from FootPro as suggested by the staff after my examination with them. I had severe problems while I stand for more than few minutes. I had experienced intense pain building up my calf muscle after a few minutes of standing on my feet. I could feel a slight difference from day 1 and could notice incredible improvement after a few weeks. I strongly recommend this product to all those who has the same problem. I thank FootPro and wish all the best in their future endeavors also.
Abhishek Menachery
Sleep America
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